Development time for a complex B2E AI web application. Accessible from anywhere, running securely in the cloud.


Years of Experience

With a proven track record of data science and machine learning research and development experience.



We deliver custom-built solutions that fit your needs. Developed in close collaboration with your PMs.

We build your AI web applications.

Faster. Better.

We help you full circle: from initial consulting to developing custom AI web applications all the way to managing the server and keeping your data save and accessible.

Service & Support

We build, maintain, and manage your AI application so you can fully focus on your business.

Batteries included

We deliver custom-built solutions that run securely on cloud platforms ready to be used in your company.

Save Time & Money

Creating AI applications from scratch with dedicated data scientist, developers, and designers is time-consuming and expensive. We deliver highest-quality solutions at a fraction of the costs and time.

Personal & Transparent

We thoroughly examine each case to find a solution that truly meets your needs. Through discussions, demos, mentoring, and workshops for your technical and non-technical staff no question should be left unanswered.


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Whether you are an aspiring new startup, an established SMC, or a full-blown international corporation, find out how we can help you.

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IT security only lets you deploy on approved platforms or other show-stopper? No problem! We go out of our way to make things work for you.

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Custom AI web application development

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