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My name is Nico, I am the creator and founder of 123ai.de. For me, 123ai.de is the perfect way to get in touch with people and to inform about many of the exciting topics in AI in general and anomaly detection in specific.

Anomaly detection is basically solving the needle-in-the-haystack-problem that is prevalent in any data-driven company. Its purpose is to find the unusual, which can be malicious (e.g. network intruder, hacker, failing device) or benevolent (e.g. drug discovery). Much of the 10+ years that I spent in academic research has been dedicated to solving anomaly detection problems (research background).

Although being of vital importance for many companies, few only know about it or recognize anomaly detection problems in practice. This is where I help as a freelance data scientist to identify and solve such problems (portfolio).

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