Newsletter #1

Well, well, well. This week has seen some interesting developments. We are constantly keeping an eye on the latest AI developments for you, so you can focus on the upcoming x-mas season. 

Our picks for the week

NeurIPS 2019

NeurIPS, the (un)disputed leading AI conference, has officially opened the gates to welcome literally thousands of researchers and industrial folks in Vancouver, Canada.
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Gary Marcus vs Yann LeCun

What is up with Gary Marcus (Founder of Robust.AI) and deep learning guru Yann LeCun (Facebook AI)? They are having a Twitter feud like some high school boys, apparently about the old symbolism vs connectionism debate, not very exemplary and detrimental not only for their own person 🙁 On that note, watch the debate of Yoshua Bengio and Gary Marcus live at https://bengio-marcus.eventbrite.ca, December 23, 7:00 PM EST.
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Transformers again

HuggingFace added a really nice new online demo to play around with large transformer models for text generation. Inspiration was some recent UberAI work.
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123AI.de Newsletter #1

Sure, this is a shameless plug, however, for us, this is one of the top stories of the week 🙂 The very first newsletter, in a long line of weekly newsletters, of 123AI.de, has been released. You have not yet subscribed? Just enter your email in the top right corner of 123AI.de homepage and we promise to not flood your inbox.
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