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We are a young startup based in the vivid city of Berlin, Germany. Founded by data science and machine learning researchers and practitioners, we focus on the development of AI web applications. Faster and better.
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AI Consulting

We advise companies and organizations on how best to leverage state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in achieving their business objectives.

Proof-of-Concept (PoC)

We realize AI concepts in order to demonstrate their feasibility and practical potential. Our PoCs come as fully functional AI web application.

AI Web Application Development

We leverage the latest technology, best practices, and the know-how of AI researchers and accomplished data scientists to develop, launch, and manage flawless, flexible web applications that fit your needs.

Managed AI Platforms

We deliver custom-tailored turnkey solutions that can be used by technical and non-technical staff. Our solutions run on specialized, secure, and managed cloud platforms, so you have a true hands-off experience.

Our Services

We offer services for the complete end-to-end AI web application development cycle.

Login Page
Analyzing results
Launching data mining runs
Starting a new project

Sample Pages

These is just a small selection of the multiple possibitilies you have. Focus on the business, not on the technicalities.

What's included?

Find out more in individual sessions.

Our Solution
Support and Development
Regular meetings during development
After-launch support
Web Application (UI)
Pre-build components for standard tasks
Customizable frontend design (ie. layout, headers, structure, logos, colors)
Extensive frontend design (custom javascript or frontend libraries)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Industry-standard and state-of-the-arts methods and packages
Research and development of custom AI methods
Evaluation, tracking, deployment, and monitoring
Extensive documentation
Deployment & Hosting
Transfer of source code and custom deployments upon request
TLS security protocol
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Secure data hosting and access on your own/our servers /

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Custom AI web application development

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